31. Jan 2024

Fiber optic internet made easy

Fritz!Box 5590 Fiber and 5530 Fiber get a new fiber optics overview for more transparency for stable and fast fiber connections. Here you'll find important information about your connection, speed, connection type and connection quality.

The popular FRITZ!Box 7590 AX and 7530 AX models also receive new features for fiber optic connections. For example, when switching from DSL to fiber, the setup is particularly easy with more assistance for a smooth initial installation from various providers. In addition, the speed of the connection between LAN 1/WAN and the fiber optic modem is displayed on the overview page.


Initial configuration with MyFRITZ!App

With FRITZ!OS 7.80, the four FRITZ!Box models will be ready for the MyFRITZ!App First Configuration wizard, which will soon be available for iOS and Android. The wizard allows you to set up a new FRITZ!Box on a fiber optic or DSL connection quickly and conveniently using your smartphone or tablet.


Update today!

In addition, FRITZ!OS 7.80 includes a number of detail and stability improvements. More information about the new features in FRITZ!OS 7.80 can be found in the detailed release notes.

From the FRITZ!Box user interface (, you can start the search for the update to FRITZ!OS 7.80 (System > Update > Find new FRITZ!OS) or use the handy automatic updates.

The new FRITZ!OS is available for these four popular FRITZ!Box models:

  • FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber, 5530 Fiber
  • FRITZ!Box 7590 AX, 7530 AX
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