Tips for video streaming with FRITZ!
15. Mar 2022

Video streaming is more in demand now than ever before. Comfortably watching your favourite series, discovering exciting documentaries or streaming live TV on your tablet - the possibilities are endless. Our tips will help you to enjoy streaming without interruption.

Video streaming has many faces. A large selection of films and series is available, for example, from Prime Video or Disney+ . The TV channels' media libraries also offer shows, documentaries and often a live stream of the current TV programme. YouTube, TikTok and other streaming portals rely on diverse formats and ideas from their users. What they all have in common is that they stream videos over the Internet - our routers from AVM are your ideal partner for video streaming.

Fast Internet connection with FRITZ!Box

A prerequisite for unadulterated video streaming is therefore a fast internet connection. For a single stream in full HD, a connection of up to 16 Mbps is usually sufficient; however, the best picture quality with 4K resolution requires more bandwidth. Families or flat-sharing communities often want to access several streams in parallel in the highest quality and should also opt for faster connections.

Whether DSL, cable or fibre optic: there is a suitable FRITZ!Box for every connection. Your FRITZ!Box distributes the video stream quickly and efficiently in the home network and also offers the most important ingredient for enjoyable video streaming: powerful WLAN.

FRITZ!Repeater for best streaming

Streaming sticks and boxes are ideal for video streaming on the TV. If reception is not sufficient at the planned location, a FRITZ! repeater will help - of course with the mesh convenience of FRITZ! We explain how to get your WLAN into the furthest corner of your home in our guide "How to get the best WLAN".

Did you know that with a FRITZ! repeater you can also connect devices to the WLAN via LAN cable? Yes, this is possible and practical. You no longer have to enter a long WLAN password because the FRITZ!Repeater is integrated into the mesh at the touch of a button. You can also optimise WLAN reception with clever repeater placement and a LAN cable.

To do this, connect the streaming stick to the FRITZ!Repeater via LAN cable and position it so that it has good reception. The streaming stick will then find its way to the Internet via the LAN cable and the FRITZ!Repeater will also amplify the WLAN for other devices.

Offline mode for relaxed video streaming

Many video streaming services have an offline mode. The film then ends up in the memory of the smartphone or tablet via the WLAN. This can also be useful at home, because there are no interruptions during load peaks in the internet connection, for example when another user in the home network starts a large download. In addition, you can always watch in the best picture quality if you wish, because their automatic adjustment of the picture quality during the download is not necessary.

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